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Ipecac Fluid Extract 2% Emetin  


Botanical Name: Cephaelis ipecacuanha

Common Names: Ipecacuanha fluid extract

Cautions: Do not use the root or rhizome, except under knowledgeable guidance.

Take formulations containing ipecac fluid extract carefully and only as instructed

on the label. Deaths have resulted from overdose.

Do not use over an extended period of time as it can lead to myopathias.

Frequent use can lead to allergic reactions.
Do not use during pregnancy.


Ipecac fluid extract came to Europe in 1672 and achieved fame as a cure

for dysentery. This controversial remedy appeared to work well in some cases,

but had no effect in others. Today, we understand that there are two types of

dysentery -- amebic and bacillary. While the herb acts strongly against amebas,

it has little effect on bacilli.

Key Actions: antiamebic, emetic, expectorant, spasmolytic

Traditional Uses of Ipecac fluid extract:

Used in both conventional and herbal medicine, ipecac is listed in most national

pharmacopoeias as being one of the surest of emetics and, even moderate doses,

will stimulate vomiting until the contents of the stomach are cleared. It is

particularly useful in drug overdose. In lower doses, it is a strong expectorant

and commonly found in many patent cough medicines and used in the treatment

of bronchitis and whooping cough. As an expectorant, it soothes and assists in

coughing up thick phlegm, especially in children.

It is also very effective for amebic dysentery.

Homeopathic remedies are used to treat bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough,

gastrointestinal inflammations, blood pressure disorders, and mucous membrane

bleeding. Higher doses are used as an emetic.



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Certificate of Analysis - C.O.A.





Prep. Date:   Sep 09


CONTAINS:       Ipecac extract – Water Type 1 – Ethyl Alcohol extra neutral

APPEARANCE: A dark brown colored liquid with a characteristic aroma

of Ipecacuanha


DISCRIPTION: A liquid preparation obtained by extracting powdered of

Ipecacuanha root with ethanol to obtain a standardized level of alkaloids

(1,90% to 2.10% calculated as emetine)


SOLUBLE: In water and alcohol




Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract is used in: syrup preparation, as an expectorant,

an emetic. It is frequently incorporated into liquid cough preparations and widely

used by pharmaceutical industries.


STORAGE PRECAUTIONS: Avoid exposure to heat


MATERIAL VOLUME: Class A, according to applicable international normatively


BALANCE: Calibrated due to quality norm to traceable weights


PACK TYPE: Containers of: 10, 20, 30, 50 L homologated plastic drums


SHELF LIFE: Shelf life for unopened containers is 2 years





CP calculated as emetine:        2.10% (EMETINE 1.12 + CEPHAELINE 0.98 mg/100 ml)

Presence of alkaloids:                Positive

Color brown fluid liquid:             Complies

Solution aspect:                           s/e

Stability:                                         Stable (X) Unstable ( )

Solubility:                                       Complies

Relative density:                           0.940

Ethanol content (GL):                   34% - 36%

Foreign element:                           s/e

Specific Gravity 25 C:                    1.004



As                                                  0.860 ppm

Pb                                                  0.250 ppm

Cd                                                  0.180 ppm

Hg                                                  0.350 ppm

Compliance USP 467 Residual solvents: ( no residual solvents to be present)

Compliance ICH guidance Q3C Impurities


Yeast                                          0 – 100 = 10                        cpg

Mold                                            0 – 100 = 10                        cpg

Gran Negatives                         Absent is 1 ml                     (IT2 – 046)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa    Absent is 10 ml                   (IT2 – 047)

Escherichia Coli                        Absent in 10 ml                   (IT2 – 047)

Salmonella sp                            Absent in 10 ml                   (IT2 – 047)


Take 5 ml of liquid extract

Add 20 ml water and 5 ml sulphuric acid snake well,

Extract with 10 ml chloroform three times

Add a mixture of 4 ml of ethanol (96%) and 20 ml of 0.05 M sulphuric acid shake well and discard the chloroform extract.

Combine the acid liquid, make it alkaline with NH3 and extract with chloroform several times, until complete extraction of alkaloids is effected.

Wash each chloroform extract with same 10 ml water, combine the chloroform liquid and filter the chloroform extract

Add 2 ml alcohol to the residue and evaporate it to dryness.

Keep it in dry places for 10 mins, at 80ºC. Dissolve it in 10 ml of 0.05M HCL, titrate with 0.1M sodium hydroxide by using methyl red solution one to two drops as indicator.

Each ml of 0.1M sulphuric acid is equivalent to 24.03 mg of C29H4004n2. It contains alkaloids calculated with reference to the C29H4004N2, about 1.9-2.1%