We have specialized team of professionals to built a refinary for your company.

We make the all the business plan, with all paper work, technical, geographic location study,

equipment, and government paper work approval, (environment impact, licenses, etc. ) .

We can built you a new refinery or improve an existing one.

We develop a project since the first step, till the final product.

We deliver you the refinary working and producing.

We offer you the development of suppliers (refinaries) , according to your project and market needs,

like special specifications, or special process of production.

As your needs, to fit your market.

For example we can develop a refinary to produce a special specification of sugar,

that is not found at market, to provide your needs.

Or other example, we can improve a refinary capacity to produce your demand of product,

according to a consense business plan, for a long term contract.

Any doubt or interest dont hesitate contact us. 



  • Engineering Projects for the sugar and alcohol industries

  • Projects for Corn ethanol. (Technology from KATZEN International Inc)

  • Projects for cellulose based ethanol plants

  • Feasibility studies, for industry

  • Operational assistance for sugar and alcohol plants

  • Sugar mill and sugar factory projects

  • Ethanol dehydration plants, using molecular sieves

  • Plant construction management

  • Fine granulated sugar plants

  • Sugar cane by-products

 Prepared to work in international projects, with the same ability as it works at his operational base, San Paulo, Brazil.

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese.


    Now-how Brasilians technology



Company formed by engineers and technicians of the Sugar and Alcohol industries,

with large experience in the industrial area, acting seriously to develop new ways

to improve efficiency and productivity, in all production areas.

Relationship with all equipment manufacturers, for the sugar and alcohol industries.

Serve adequately the business of raw and refined sugars and ethanol, as direct motor fuel,

as oxygenated additive for gasoline and diesel oil and as high quality neutral ethanol.

Performing system analysis and optimization, increase of productivity and cost reduction,

plant expansion with the lowest capital investment.


Control Room of Power Plant Sugar, Ethanol and Co-Generation