Emerging market and industry



Emerging market and industry trends are reshaping substantially the critical variables which impact on the competitiveness of agrifood companies. Food producers, processors and distributors face new challenges related with the management of the whole supply chain. The increasing industry dynamism and complexity requires improved engineering and management capabilities for agribusiness leaders, related with the analysis of macroeconomic, consumption and distribution patterns as well as with the design and implementation of new models for managing operations and technology.

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We picked up the business with honesty and dedication and maintenance of a very good chain with all our highly valued customers with solid financial base. We connect our buyers and sellers of products / materials that we are dealing with.We provide all necessary information for both buyers and sellers, including market information, relevant specifications for products to implement successful business and also to concentrate the high quality services in building business relationships with long-term our valued customers for the development of our business.We are highly professional in our filed of activity, well organized with efficient labor force, with intimate knowledge of our products and markets to deal with media smooth.



14/04/2010 07:09
 THE FACTS RIGHT AND KILL THE MYTHSGiven the ongoing debate on ethanol benefits, it is                                    important to...

Mandates, Tax Credits, and Tariffs: Does the U.S. Biofuels Industry Need Them All?

14/04/2010 07:07
  CARD Policy Brief 10-PB 1 March 2010 Mandates, Tax Credits, and Tariffs: Does the U.S. Biofuels Industry Need Them All? by Bruce A. Babcock Published by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, 578 Heady Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011-1070; Phone: (515) 294-1183;...

Analysis of the sugar market

13/03/2010 18:23
The sugar market continues its spectacular performance with no prospect of falling to the first quarter of 2010. The price levels we saw so far outweigh the more optimistic participants in this market. Personally, I thought 26.25 was the top. After that the market has negotiated new highs reaching...